Kayla McKenna

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A color photograph of Auburn University baseball player, Ike Irish, during a game with Brewster Whitecaps in summer 2023. He is wearing a white baseball uniform with navy blue pinstripes, and a navy blue helmet with the team logo on the front. He is facing the camera in a hitting stance, with feet spread wide apart and holding a bat raised above his left shoulder. He is standing in the brown dirt of the baseball field and green grass surrounds the dirt. There are fans sitting on bleacher and camping chairs behind the fence behind him.


A color painting of a backyard swingset. The slide is teal and prominent. The rest of the swingset behind it is medium brown wood. In the backgroud is a yellow house behind a white fence. The sky is light blue and there is a green tree in the upper rigt hand corner behindthe swingset and fence.


A graphic announcing a Brewster Whitecaps baseball game with a cream white background and turqoise paint swipes in opposite corners. An image of a Whitecaps pitcher in a pitching windup stance is on the left side of the graphic with the word 'game' on top in turqoise and the word 'day' on the bottom in white. The logos of the two teams playing in the game are on the right side of the graphic with the details of the game below in navy blue.