Kayla McKenna

Purpose Statement

I believe sports media can build community by connecting teams to their fans and generate excitement among fans for their teams and athletes, making sports all the more exciting, engaging, entertaining and fun.

My goal is to build and grow a fanbase for a client through media by creating captivating, eye-pleasing, interesting, entertaining, and up to date content, keeping fans engaged and excited.

I want to create entertaing scoial content that helps to promote and showcase sports, teams, athletes, organizations, etc in a fun way.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Kayla McKenna, and I am a college student working in photorgraphy, art and media.

A color, portrait orientation photograph of Kayla McKenna, a young, white women with dark blond hair. Her hair is tied back and she is smiling. She is wearing a light grey t-shirt with sunglasses hanging off the collar. She is holding a camera in front of her and the backgound behind her is black in shadow.


I am a junior at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA persuing a Communication Studies major, with both Marketing and Environmental & Sustainability Studies minors.


I have had some amazing opportunities to apply what I've learned, including: